Admission Requirements

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1. Admission Process/ dates and end:
  • Advertisements for admission at DPCG is placed through appropriate channels.
  • The date of receipt of application will start from spring semester (previous academic year) and end in September (new academic year), while the transfer students the date of application will start in the beginning of fall semester and in the beginning of spring semester. The applicant may apply by filling in an application form available on the website or directly through the admission office.
  • Screening of the applicants will be done by the admission office as per the criteria of eligibility specified by the Ministry. The applicants who are eligible are asked to fill in the prescribed application forms. Candidates who are sponsored by grant are also required to fill in the application forms.
  • Selected candidates will be invited for an interview, when they will have the chance to meet current students, tour the College premises and see facilities and discuss with the academic staff the content and career options offered.
  • Students successful in the interview and who have met all the requirements are enrolled into the program after making the necessary payments.
  • Those accepting confirmation offers will be sent joining instructions, transportation and accommodation details.
  • Detailed information on the courses and timetable are available on arrival for the introductory program.
2. Undergraduate Admission Requirements
  Admission Requirements for B.Pharm Program (AY 2023-24):
A. The applicant must complete a minimum of 12 years of school education.
B. Secondary school certificate or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum Average of 85% for Advanced Track or 80% for Elite.
C. The grades of the other curriculums were converted based on the World Education Service. (
D. American Curriculum: The students should pass the EmSAT Math (800) and should submit grades 9,10,11,12 marks.
E. The applicant must pass any one of the following English Language Proficiency Tests with a minimum score as follows:
  • 1100 in Emirates Standardized Language Test (EmSAT)
  • 500 in TOEFL ITP (CBT 173 – iBT 61)
  • 5.0 in IELTS for Academic
F. Valid English Proficiency Score is mandatory before admission.
G. Other requirements.

The admission committee must apply any of the following choices according to the applicant’s case.
1. Students inside UAE  
Choice 1: EmSATs Must score at least 800 in EmSAT of Math and any Two sciences courses (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
Choice 2: Internal exams The internal exams were approved by CAA, the students must score 60% in Math and any of two sciences courses in internal exams (Chemistry, Biology, Physics).
Choice 3: Only applied for UAE system or IGCSE/GCE or IB Diploma program Consider 80% or B grade or equivalent of Math and any two sciences courses (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
2. Students from other countries 1. The students must pass English Language Proficiency Tests with a minimum score as follows:
  • 500 in TOEFL ITP (CBT 173 – iBT 61)
  • 5.0 in IELTS for Academic.
  • 1100 in Emirates Standardized Language Test (EmSAT)
2. Internal exams: The internal exams were approved by CAA, the students must score 60% in Math and any of two sciences courses in internal exams (Chemistry, Biology, Physics).
3. Transfer students from recognized university 1. The students must submit a valid English Proficiency certificate or must pass English Language Proficiency Tests with a minimum score as follows:
  • 500 in TOEFL ITP (CBT 173 – iBT 61).
  • 5.0 in IELTS for Academic.
  • 1100 in Emirates Standardized Language Test (EmSAT)
E. The Interview Process.
  • Based on the CAA Standards 2019, applications (UAE/ other countries/ Transfer students) are initially screened by the Head of Enrolments and Records for completeness of requested information, adequacy of the applicant’s course work, and grades. Other admission committee members then review each screened application about the applicant’s characteristics and qualifications.
  • Based on this initial screening, the most qualified applicants are then invited for the interview. The date of the interview for selection is decided by the admission committee. The interview will be conducted either face to face on the College campus or online. The admission committee will invite one or two faculty members to participate on the interview day as part of their job duties. Each applicant is interviewed by the admission committee members and a faculty member who actively teach in the pharmacy program. All faculty members involved in the interview process are informed before the interviews about the nature of the interview process, the expectations during the interviews, scoring rubrics, and the schedule of events by the admission committee chair. The interview will be scored using a rubric. Towards the end of the interview, the applicant is allowed to ask questions about various aspects of the program.
  • Based on the interview results and considering other admission requirements, the admission committee then makes recommendations to the Dean regarding which students should be admitted to the BPharm program. Students are notified if they will be admitted, wait-listed, or denied admission by the Head of students’ enrolment.
1. Recognition of Prior Learning/ Transfer students
  • The College also welcomes applications from candidates studying with other educational institutions in Diploma in Pharmacy/BPharm programs/Science/Dentist/Medicine who wish to transfer to DPCG. It may be possible to grant exemption from the earlier part of the degree course in recognition of a candidate’s success in her previous course of study. The following are the necessary conditions for transfer to the DPCG:
  • Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls (DPCG) accepts transfer of students from accredited College with a curriculum that is comparable to that offered at DPCG.
  • The student must provide a letter of application to the Dean of the College specifying reason (s) for requesting transfer and desired date of transfer.
  • Dubai Pharmacy College requires applicants to submit their transcripts for evaluation of transferable subjects /teaching hours from previous College experiences.
  • No student who has been dismissed from any institute will be eligible for transfer to DPCG.
  • All applicants must provide conduct certificates from the institute where they are currently enrolled.
  • Student applying for transfer to DPCG must study more than 60% of the syllabus of B. Pharm at DPCG.
  • All applicants should contact the Dean’s office to inquire about having their transcripts reviewed.
  • The final decision for approval of transfer will be made by the Dean after review of the transfer request by the Chief Academic Office of the College and the admission committee.
  • Transfer of students is not allowed after the second year.
  • Before considering any application for transfer, the existence of an appropriate seat for the student should be considered.
  • The faculty member should equate the transferred students in the Course Equivalency Form for Transfer Students.

Transfer admission policies for BPharm

  • Students must meet the English language proficiency requirements as set by the Ministry of Higher Education- Higher Education Affairs, UAE.
  • The student transferring from another accredited college must be in a good academic standing (a minimum CGPA of 2.0, C grade, on a 4.0 scale or equivalent).
  • Before attending Dubai Pharmacy College, attested records from the previous College and higher secondary school should be submitted to Head Enrollment and Records.
  • The applicant will be accepted after the Interview with the admission committee.
2. BPharm Conditional Admission

Students are admitted conditionally when they need to get the equivalency certificate.