Department of Pharmaceutics


Department: Pharmaceutics
Department Objectives:
  1. The concept of the formulation of different dosage forms (solutions, disperse systems, semisolids, and solids), principle of dosage form design, embracing controlled, targeted and advanced drug delivery systems. In addition to theories of physics needed as a base for understanding the previous pharmaceutical processes and the properties of materials used for delivery of biologically active molecules.
  2. Principles of biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, bioequivalence studies, and how to apply Physico-chemical properties of medicines, biological systems  and such knowledge in the design of new drugs and their formulations as well as  assessment of their chemical and physical stabilities and the proper use of medicines in the treatment of disease and improvement of patient's  quality of life.
  3. The basic concept of different pharmaceutical unit operations performed in related to the production and development processes, starting from the raw materials and ending with the finished product brought to the market suitable for its purpose, including molecular and industrial techniques for production of biotechnological and recombinant products.
  4. Good pharmaceutical manufactur¬ing practice (GPMP) and its quality assurance of pharmaceutical products and processes, packaging and labeling purposes, design, and evaluation, pharmacopoeial and regulatory requirements, stability of medicines, and evaluation and control of biological, chemical, and physical degradation.


Dr. Bazigha Kadhim Abdul Rasool currently holds the position of Professor and Head of Pharmaceutics Department and a Program Coordinator of MSc. Program (Pharmaceutical Product Development) at Dubai Pharmacy College. Bazigha also occupied other positions in the same institute such as Head of Research and Faculty Development, Head of Laboratory and Safety, Head of Examination and Head of Students Training. She also served as a Full-time Faculty at Baghdad University/College of Pharmacy and as a Part-time Faculty at Baghdad Pharmacy College. Bazigha had done her master and doctorate in Pharmaceutics at University of Baghdad/ College of Pharmacy, with high research output in the area of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience at both graduate and postgraduate levels and supervised many graduate students for their Master theses in addition to Bachelor students’ graduation projects.
She published one book chapter and more than 40 research articles and abstracts in indexed peer reviewed journals in the fields of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Education.
Her primary research interest is in the area of pharmaceutical formulations and dosage forms design beside advanced drug delivery systems (DDSs). In the area of DDSs, her work has involved formulation and evaluation of innovative nanoparticles, microparticulate and vesicular drug carriers for drug targeting to specific biological site and to improve the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of drugs and consequently their therapeutic effectiveness and patients’ compliance. Her research qualifications have established her as a member of editorial board and a reviewer for several International scientific pharmaceutical journals.
Prof. Aliasgar Shahiwala has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience, Prof. Shahiwala is currently serving as a Professor in Department of Pharmaceutics and Program Director-Postgraduate studies at Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Prof. Shahiwala received his masters and doctorate in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, INDIA with high research output in the area of novel drug delivery. His Postdoctoral Research at Northeastern University, USA was specifically focused on applications of nanotechnology in the field of drug delivery and drug targeting. Prof. Shahiwala published several international publications in high impact peer reviewed journals, 7 book chapters and filed 2 patents. He is also an editor of three books with internationally renowned publishers. Prof. Shahiwala’s research credentials have established him as a chief editor, an editorial board member, a reviewer, a speaker and an invited author for various pharmaceutical scientific journals and conferences. Prof. Shahiwala also received more than 3 years of rich research experience in Formulation & Development Division of large scale manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals in India as an added technical expertise in his field. His current research interests are to integrate targeted nanocarriers with the traditional and biotechnology based medicines in treating chronic and infectious diseases and he wish to collaborate with industries for translating the developed projects into commercially viable products.
Rana Mhd Farid Sammour
Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutics Department, Dubai Pharmacy College for girls.
PhD in Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutical Technology), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), 2020      Master of Science in Pharmacy ( Msc Pharm )
Pharmaceutical Technology, Ajman University, 2013.
Bachelor (Honor) in Pharmacy, Dubai Pharmacy College, 2003
Research Interests: Advanced drug delivery systems.
Al Zahraa Khalifa
Assistant Lecturer, Pharmaceutics department.
M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Product Development, Dubai Pharmacy College, UAE (2016); B. Pharm, Dubai Pharmacy College, UAE (2008).
Research interest: Pharmaceutical formulations development and advanced drug delivery systems.
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Yasmein Yaser Salem
Ms Yasmein is currently working as a research assistant in the department of Pharmaceutics. She completed her BPharm from Dubai Pharmacy College (2019) and is currently pursuing her MPharm Pharmaceutical Product Development.