WALK for DIABETES - Sweat over Sweet


The Public Health (PH)  Committee of DPCSU-IPSF organized a walk on 13 November in Muhaisnah Park, Dubai  to mark the World Diabetes Day, with the goal of spreading awareness about  diabetes in the month. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation,  heart disease, kidney failure and early death. Simple action can reduce the  risk. DPC community including the students and staff all decked up in  blue set off to the park to take morning walk.


The members of the Public  Health committee arranged a few pit stops along the jogging track to spread the  message of “Sweat over Sweet”, which was inspired by IPSF-Indonesia. Badges  with the message were designed by the DPCSU – IPSF Media and Publications  Committee and distributed to all the participants. Further to this healthy  eating habit were encouraged by providing the participants with water, fresh  seasonal fruits and nuts. The Treasurer Committee arranged a selfie spot for  all the participants. Ms, Banan Lulu (4th year BPharm student) gave  the DPC community some yoga lessons which stimulated the staff members to join  hands. Prof. Dr. Mirza Baig (Professor and Head, Clinical Pharmacy and  Pharmacotherapeutics) volunteered to demonstrate few yoga postures.


Following this there was  a health awareness camp set with the help of Al Hayat Pharmacy, Sebamed, Abbott  Nutrition, DermaDent Medical Centre and Thumbay Clinic to provide the community  free health checkups such as blood sugar, blood pressure, dental and  dermatology.  In addition, we had the  opportunity to perform the Oligoscan which was arranged at a reduced price.


We would love to express  our special thanks to Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmed Khan, Dean of DPCG, for supporting  us, as well as Dr. Rana Sammour, Head of Student Affairs, for encouraging and  supervising us.


Report compiled by: Faizah  Nazeer Hussain (Chairperson, DPCSU – IPSF Public Health Committee and BPharm 3rd  Year)