Dubai Pharmacy College hosts a seminar by Dr. Heba BaniHani on the Role of Pharmacists as Prescribers

On Wednesday May 29, 2024, Dr. Heba BaniHani gave a presentation to students and faculty from Dubai Pharmacy College on a timely topic:

The seminar was attended by by pharmacy students and faculty as well as faculty from the Colleges of medicine and Nursing, Dr. BaniHani’s talk highlighted the innovative role of pharmacists as prescribers. Her interactive session included case studies where DPC students were highly engaged in assessing patients with minor ailments and determining the appropriate treatment (prescription) for each case. Dr. BaniHani advocated for the expanded roles of pharmacists, asserting that t they are not merely "pill counters or label slappers," and stressed the importance of continuous education to ensure the best patient health outcomes.

The seminar aligns with DPC's goals of enhancing pharmacy practice and exposing our students to innovative roles of pharmacists by showcasing the expanding scope of pharmacists as prescribers.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Heba BaniHani for her enlightening presentation and valuable insights on the evolving role of pharmacists as prescribers.