Dubai Pharmacy College Takes its Industrial Training at Julphar Pharmaceuticals to a Hands-on Level

Dubai Pharmacy College is pleased to announce the enhancement of Industrial Training for BPharm students at Julphar Pharmaceuticals, RAK, UAE.
The program will commence on July 1st, 2024, and will be conducted under the guidance of our faculty members and training preceptors at Julphar. The training sessions are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its practices. This hands-on experience serves to enhance the competencies required for employability and career advancement.

The implementation plan for this new training opportunity was discussed and approved in a meeting between the Dubai Pharmacy College Training Faculty and the JTC Staff. The meeting was headed by Prof. Bazigha Abdulrasool, Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Dr. Rasha, along with their training teams. We sincerely thank Dr. Rasha and her dedicated team, Mr. Omar Faruq, and Mr. Zohaib Parvez, for their unwavering support in ensuring a successful and efficient training experience for our students.