Dean Khalifa of Dubai Pharmacy College speaks to High School Students on the Pharmacy Profession.

On 24th April 2024, Dubai Pharmacy College partnered with Educenter, to introduce "Pharmacy" as a career option for interested high school students.

The event, moderated by Dr. Hala Farraj from Educenter started with a warm welcome to attendees and introductions to key speakers, including the Dean of Dubai Pharmacy College, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and a representative from the Admission Unit.

During the webinar, Dean Khalifa spoke about the evolution of the pharmacy profession over the years and the different career paths for pharmacy graduates. Attendees were also informed about scholarship opportunities available to all students, with a special mention of Nafis scholarships tailored for local candidates.

Dean Khalifa commented: "It is always refreshing to speak to the young generation about the future because they are the future. Whatever guidance or advice we provide, can have a significant impact on their choices and their professional career"

Engagement was high throughout the session, with attendees actively participating by posing questions, all of which were attentively addressed by the DPCG team, ensuring a fruitful and informative experience for all involved.