Cultural day

Dubai Pharmacy College celebrated the vibrant of cultures at our community !  On 28/2/2024, we came together for an unforgettable Cultural Day, honoring the diversity that enriches our campus community. From traditional attire to tantalizing cuisine and different activities , our Cultural Day festivities showcased the beauty of unity in diversity.

Students, faculty, and staff joined hands to celebrate the unique heritage and traditions that each of us brings to the table. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, and a deep appreciation for the rich of cultures that make up our college family.

As we continue on our educational journey, let’s remember the importance of cultural understanding and mutual respect. Let’s strengthen the bonds between us and continue to build bridges that overcomes boundaries.

Here’s to celebrating diversity today and every day! #CulturalDay #DubaiPharmacyCollege #UnityInDiversity