Annual Career Day

Our successful Annual Career Day held on 29/2/2024 at Dubai Pharmacy College For Girls.

We extend our gratitude to the  companies who joined us, offering invaluable insights into the diverse career paths within the pharmaceutical industry. A special thank you to:

1. Life Pharmacy
2. Nest Scientific
3. Pharmaworld
4. Aster Pharmacy
5. Pharmalink
6. GMG

Your presence illuminated the opportunities awaiting our students and alumni in the world of pharmacy. From community pharmacy to pharmaceutical research, clinical practice to regulatory affairs, our Career Day showcased the depth of possibilities within the field of Pharmacy.

To our students and alumni; seize these opportunities to explore and discover your passion within pharmacy. Whether your interests lie in patient care, drug development, or healthcare management, know that your journey is supported by a network of industry leaders and mentors.

Together, we’re not just shaping careers, but also shaping the future of healthcare. Here’s to forging new paths, breaking barriers, and making meaningful contributions to the well-being of society.