Successful Collaboration Talks Between Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls and Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport

In a significant stride towards fostering international academic partnerships, Prof. Amira Senbel, Dean of the College of Pharmacy at the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport, recently visited Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. The visit scheduled on Monday 15th Jan 2024 served as a platform to explore collaborative opportunities between the esteemed institutions. Prof. Senbel engaged in in-depth discussions with faculty members from DPCG to identify potential areas of joint research initiatives. Both institutions expressed keen interest in sharing resources and expertise to contribute to advancements specifically in nanomedicine, and natural products. In addition, the discussions also revolved around the establishment of student exchange programs. Prof. Senbel and the faculty members at DPCG explored frameworks for coordinating professional training, research projects, and academic programs to provide students with a global perspective on pharmacy education.

The discussions were led by Prof. Mirza R. Baig: Acting Dean DPCG, Prof. Naglaa Gamil Shehab: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Bazigha K. Abdul Rasool: Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, Prof. Kishore Gnana Sam: Head of Pharmacy Practice, Dr. Ammar Ali Saleh Jaber: Head of Professional Practice Experience, Prof. Fazilatun Nessa: Head of DPCG Laboratories and Safety, Dr.Gazala Afreen Khan: Head of Examination and Evaluation Unit, Dr. Rana Sammour: Head of Student Affairs Unit and Dr. Hanan Anbar: Head of Research and Ethical Committee.