Industrial Training in Julphar Pharmaceuticals for DPCG Students

Pharmaceutical Industrial Training in pharmacy education is rapidly gaining recognition as it enriches the undergraduate curriculum and bridges theory to application. DPCG fourth-year students have successfully completed the Pharmaceutical Industrial Training in Julphar Pharmaceuticals, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE scheduled from 25 December to 30 December 2023. The main aim of the training program was to expose students to various pharmaceutical processes, procedures, and regulations in the Research and Development, Production, Packaging, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control departments.

The training program was delivered by Mr. Farouq and Mr. Suhaib, staff of Julphar Training Center (JTC) and Dr. Rasha, Head of JTC. They were supervised by the Faculty members of DPCG including Prof. Bazigha K. Abdul Rasool, Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department; Dr. Rana Sammour, Head of Student Affairs; Dr. Zahraa Khalifa , Head of Graduate Affairs and Career Guidance and Ms. Yasmein Salem, Student Union Supervisor.