Industrial Training at Julphar /RAK/ UAE for BPharm students, DPCG

Pharmaceutical Industrial Training (INTR) enriches the undergraduate curriculum and bridges theory to application. The training program aims to expose students to various pharmaceutical processes, procedures, and regulations in the Research & Development, Production, Packaging, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control departments. The training was carried out in Julphar, RAK, UAE and supervised and certified by Julphar Training Center (JTC) headed by Dr. Rasha Ahmed with her assistants Mr. Faruq and Mr. Zohaib from 3rd to 8th April 2023. The faculty of the Pharmaceutics Department in our college, headed by Prof. Dr. Bazigha, was responsible for coordinating and arranging this training. 

This training was offered to fourth-year students in the eighth semester to get adequate experience in the field. The course consists of 40 contact hours with several effective teaching methods that can be used during industrial training such as hands-on training, job shadowing, group training, simulation training, E-learning, Lectures, and Presentations. The assessment strategy was based on daily tutorial sessions, written reports, student assignments, and written final exams.