Organizational Structure

The Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors is a select group of individuals who share in the mission of the Dubai Pharmacy College. Members of the Board are educators and leaders representing the diverse field of healthcare. They are dedicated to helping DPC develop and maintain a world-class pharmacy educational program and Professional Practice Experience (internship) in Pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Prof. Ali  El Sayed  Hussain, Director, Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health Dubai - UAE

  • Dr. Sohail Fitieh, Chief of Pharmacy Department Mafraq , Abu Dhabi-UAE

  • Dr. Sahar Mohamed Abu-Omar, Corporate Clinical Affairs Manager, SEHA, Abu Dhabi – UAE

  • Dr. Majdi Fahmi, Head of Marketing , JULPHAR, UAE

  • Dr. Mariam Galadari, M.D. Global Pharma, Dubai-UAE

  • Dr. Idrees Siddiqui, Manager Technical Operations, Global Pharma, Dubai-UAE

  • Ban Nasif Mohammad Mualla, Product Manager, Med Pharma industry, Dubai-UAE (DPC Alumni, Batch 6)

  • Dr. Saba Mohsen Mohamed Mohamed, Head, Medicines Department, Zayed Military Hospital - Abu Dhabi (DPC Alumni, Batch 7)

  • Muna Osama Al Musli, Pharma Division Manager (Atlas Group), Consultant Pharmacist, RACS (DPC Alumni, Batch 7)

  • Mrs. Maryam Mojaddam, Education Coordinator, Iranian Hospital

  • Ms. Marwa Malik, Medical education & Pharmacovigillance Specialist, GSK (DPC Alumni, Batch 13)

  • Dr. Sahar Husain, Clinical Pharmacist (DPC Alumni, Batch 15)