B.Pharm Program Aims and Outcomes

The program is intended to :
  1. Produce pharmacists having knowledge , skills and competencies equivalent to local and  International Standards of BPharm degree
  2. Initiate research which will utilise locally available materials and data for possible use in  pharmaceutical fields
  3. Practice according to internationally accepted professional code of ethics
  Program objectives of BPharm program is specifically aligned with the Level 7 of the Qualifications  Framework for the UAE approved by The Board of the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) known as  the QFEmirates.

QF Emirates level 7 Program outcome:
On successful completion of this program the graduate will be able to:
Knowledge A1.Develop, suggest, and modify patient care plan in cooperation with      prescribers, and other members of an inter professional health care team       based upon sound therapeutic principles and evidence-based data, taking into      account relevant legal, ethical, social, cultural, economic, and professional       issues, emerging technologies, and evolving biomedical, pharmaceutical,      social/behavioral/administrative, and clinical sciences that may impact     therapeutic outcomes.
A2.Apply the knowledge of basic and pharmaceutical sciences in order to    maintain the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products
A3.Integrate the knowledge of mathematics and statistics in compounded     medications; dose, pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic calculations.
Skill B1.Analyze problems with current drug therapy, formulate solutions and identify       risk associated with the solutions in order to deliver the best pharmaceutical     care to the patient.
B2.Acquire the basic skills and techniques involved in drug manufacture and      development, drug design and screening, and quality control of
    pharmaceutical products.
B3.Communicate effectively orally and in writing and deploy a range of    presentation techniques within workplace setting
Autonomy and
C1.Demonstrate level of self-awareness, responsibility and self-management as      members of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team and as a leader in the society    in bringing about wellbeing.
Self-developmentC2.Undertake self-directed, life-long learning, acquiring up to date knowledge,    skills, and competencies to provide optimal pharmaceutical care.
Role in contextC3.Demonstrate caring, ethical, and professional behavior in compliance with laws, regulations and professional standards in all practice environments.

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